About Dr. Mignosa

Dr. Roger Mignosa is a physical medicine & rehabilitation physician, clinical professor, and an exercise physiologist. He integrates exercise science, osteopathy, nutrition, psychology, and traditional healing practices to help patients optimize their innate healing capacity.

He is a physician at the University California, San Diego and Director of Rehabilitation at the Osteopathic Center San Diego. He teaches at numerous medical schools including the University of Arizona, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and serves as medical staff for the World Surf League.

Prior to medical school Dr. Mignosa served as a Rotary Goodwill Ambassadorial Scholar at the University of Queensland, Australia where he studied clinical exercise science after which he led an exercise physiology practice in Southern California. He has lectured at both national and international medical conferences in the fields of pain, rehabilitation, exercise science, osteopathy, nutrition, and mental health.


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