Dignity comes from the Latin, dignus, which means worthy. In researching articles from the past two decades I was surprised to see the spectrum of beliefs in regards to dignity. Some articles speak of dignity as a birth right while others claim that dignity is a useless concept. [1][2][3]

Modern neuroscience has shown that a perceived violation of our dignity stimulates the same part of the brain as a physical wound.[4] Violations of dignity can lead to arguments, violence, and even wars. The American Revolution was a product of twenty-seven grievances towards the British that included neglect, oppression, and harassment. This emotional and physical injury led to the American Revolutionary War from 1775-1783. Still today injustices in neglect, oppression, and harassment cause great injury to dignity and continued conflict in the world. These injustices are both intentional and unintentional. These injustices are both real and perceived. We are hardwired to hurt each other. This pain...

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Humble Heart - Open Mind

We only grasp a small amount of this world. This is well known, and it gives us a great sense of humility.  Every decision that we will make in our life is based on our limited ability to observe and understand the world. This is an indisputable fact, yet harsh judgments among people and institutions occur on a regular basis. Confusion becomes frustration when we observe with judgment.

Historically, judgment has been a pillar of the scientific process. When people present new ideas they are often met with shame and rejection. Einstein was not immune to judgment. At the end of his life many scientists believed Einstein to be out of touch with reality. Amazingly, decades later we are only beginning to grasp that some of his theories may be correct.

There will always be unknowns in this world. Disturbingly, there will also be unknown unknowns. The unknown unknowns are the questions that we don’t even know to ask. Unknown unknowns are not on our radar.

How can we answer the...

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